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Timeshare Jobs with Silverpoint Vacation Club

Timeshare Jobs with Silverpoint Vacation Club

Silverpoint Vacation Club is looking for additional incredible people to add to their outstanding sales teams in Tenerife, Gran Canaria Malta and beyond!

The industry is changing fast – and Silverpoint is already leading the way forward in a fully compliant and exceptionally high quality client service sales environment. We are not your typical timeshare company because we do not hire the typical timeshare salesperson.

Our top performers are incredible because they have the professionalism, the passion, the ethics and the integrity that lead the way in compliant and consumer friendly vacation ownership sales. We select only the top talent to add to our teams – and due to internal promotions and growing acquisitions we are now looking to hire additional team members for our anchor resorts in Europe.

If you are Professional, motivated, ethical, passionate and have personality and flair to communicate with people at all levels and are looking for a long term, serious career offering fabulous opportunities within a secure environment – then we want to hear from you.

If you are a high achiever with clear definition of your personal and financial goals for the future – we want to hear from you.
If you are a “ timeshare Dinosaur “ with your head facing backwards to the past whilst the leaders are looking forward to the future – then this is not the company for you!
Silverpoint professionals work very hard and earn very well – this is truly an environment where you can decide how much you are worth and then earn it!

We offer a full legal contract +Salary+ Commissions+ Career Growth + Exceptional training+ Life Coaching and Personal Development on an ongoing basis.

We offer relocation packages to include flights+ Accommodation – but more than that -we offer a true commitment to our sales teams to invest in them as individuals , grow their talent, give them the tools , training and development to set them up for ultimate success .

This is a life changer – not just a job.

Silverpoint Vacation Club are interested in applications from motivated Norwegians, Dutch, Germans and British sales people

We have immediate training courses available in the Canary Islands and Malta.

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